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Center for Optical Education and Research Faculty Recruitment Guidelines

The Center for Optical Education and Research at Utsunomiya University invites applications for Assistant Professor and Associate Professor positions. For details, please click here.
Deadline:Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Professor Hagen's group's article was published in AppliedOptics

Professor Hagen's group's article "Differences between the geometric phase and propagation phase: clarifying the boundedness problem" was published in AppliedOptics and was selected as an ”Editor's Pick”.


Next Generation Optonics Forum 2024 in Tokushima

Dr. Otani gave a lecture at "Next Generation Optonics Forum 2024 in Tokushima" on Saturday, January 20, 2024.


Optical Technology Exchange Meeting

Optical Technology Exchange Meeting was held on Thursday, December 22, from 1:30 p.m. at Canon Optical Technology Institute Hall A. The Optical Education and Research Center participate and gave a presentation.


Tochigi Future Technology Forum Optical Technology Creation Exchange Meeting and Workshop

On the occasion of the Regional Research University, the Optical Education and Research Center signed an agreement with the Graduate University for the Creation of New Photonics Industries and the Post-LED Photonics Laboratory of the University of Tokushima to strengthen collaboration in optical engineering, and held a kick-off meeting.


IWOB2023/ISOT2023 was held at Hotel Sun Valley Nasu on December 10th-12th, 2023



Optical Education and Research Center was introduced in the public relations magazine UUnow

Center for Optical Education and Research is featured in UUnow of Utsunomiya University.
The article features a conversation between Professor Yukitoshi Otani, Director of the Center, and a student. Please take a look.



Various aerial displays of Yamamoto Lab. at the "Science and Technology Exhibition of Light and Laser 2023," a comprehensive exhibition of optical technology, were featured in OPTRONICS ONLINE.


Jessica Onaka

Jessica Onaka has joined the Center for Optical Education and Research as an Assistant Professor, effective November 1, 2023.


Best Presentation Award

Mr. SUN MANNING from Otani Lab received the Best Presentation Award at SPECKLE2023 held in Xi'an on October 20, 2023. Congratulations!


18th UUO Salon and 4th UU-CORE Seminar

Detail is here.


Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki speaks at Microsoft Research

Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki have presented about "Holography in material laser processing and volumetric display" at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, on August 1, 2022.


Miyoshi Ayama Honorary Fellow received the Best Paper Award from the Color Science Association of Japan

On June 26 2022, at the 53rd Confference of the Color Science Association of Japan held in Nagoya, Miyoshi Ayama Honorary Fellow received the Best paper award from together with Shuichi Mogi, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Masato Sakurai.


Tochigi Future Technology Forum 1st Workshop on Optical Technology was held

A workshop was held at the CORE to match the technologies of Utsunomiya University and local companies for the purpose of creating new optical technologies and products. In the first workshop, Utsunomiya University and companies exchanged thir opinions to gain a deeper understanding of each other's ideas.


Yamamoto Lab's research appears in TV drama

The latest displays developed by Yamamoto Laboratory, including a "see-through aerial display" that allows the viewer to see the other side of an image and a 3D display using a transparent board, will appear in the 5th episode of the Thursday mystery drama. It is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 12 at 20:00. Please look forward to it!


Degree Conferral Ceremony for Optical Engineering Program

The degree conferment ceremony for the optical engineering program was held at the CORE. Congratulations on your graduation!


Prof. Miyoshi Ayama named Honorary Fellow

Prof. Miyoshi Ayama became an honorary fellow of the CORE, and the awarding ceremony was held at the CORE on March 25.


Noncontact vibration measurement using three spatial-frequency shifting coherent digital holography

Applied Optics 62, 4921-4927 (2023).
Quang Duc Pham, Tuan Duc Pham, and Yoshio Hayasaki

Deciphering Pancharatnam’s discovery of geometric phase

J. Opt. Soc. Am. A (2023). [accepted]
L. Garza-Soto, N. Hagen, and D. Lopez-Mago

Formation of multiple aerial LED signs in multiple lanes formed with AIRR by use of two beam splitters

Optical Review 30, 84–92 (2023).
Shinya Sakane, Daiki Kudo, Naoya Mukojima, Masaki Yasugi, Shiro Suyama, and Hirotsugu Yamamoto

Optimization of blur correction of color images formed with aerial imaging by retro‐refection

Optical Review 30, 111–120 (2023).
Hayato Kikuta, Masaki Yasugi, Hirotsugu Yamamoto

Improved resolution for aerial imaging by retro‐refection with two transparent spheres

Optical Review 30, 122–133 (2023).
Kazuaki Takiyama, Kengo Fujii, Masaki Yasugi, Shiro Suyama, and Hirotsugu Yamamoto

Reduction of converging distance change in an aquatic display formed with aerial imaging by retro-reflection in conjugated optical structure

Optics Express 31, 10965-10977 (2023).
Daiki Kudo, Masaki Yasugi, Nao Ninomiya, Shiro Suyama, and Hirotsugu Yamamoto

Computational broadband imaging with laser-driven sequential light source arrays on water film

Optics Express 31, 9554-9562 (2023).
Kota Kumagai, Hsin-hui Huang, Koji Hatanaka and Yoshio Hayasaki

Automatic generation of a holographically shaped beam in an actual optical system for use in material laser processing

Optics Express 31, 1982-1991 (2023).
Yoshio Hayasaki, Ryo Onodera, Kota Kumagai, and Satoshi Hasegawa

Holographic ultraviolet nanosecond laser processing using adaptive optics

Applied Physics B 129, 52 (2023).
Satoshi Hasegawa, Mizukin Kato, Yoshio Hayasaki

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