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Research Focus Groups

The mission of the Optics Center is to collaborate with industry, academia, and government to promote optics education and to create a world-leading research center in the field of optics. Towards this aim, we have assembled several collaborative research groups covering the research focus areas listed below. An individual focus group includes faculty members, researchers, and company researchers & engineers

Smart Manufacturing Optics

Integrated optical processing, optical measurement, and advanced manufacturing technology.

Optics for a Smart ICT Society

Optical elements and optical devices to support ICT (Information & Communications Technology) infrastructure such as autonomous driving, transportation infrastructure, logistics, living environment, and information society infrastructure.

Real World Information Optics

Acquisition, processing, and display of information that integrates human-machine interfaces, quantum information technology, and smart technology.

Optics for Natural Environment

Developing optical technologies for environmental sensing, energy creation & conservation, smart agriculture, etc., as well as for the remote sensing of air, water, and soil.