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The 15 year history of CORE

This booklet summarizes the results of the Center's education and research over a period of 15 years, from the eve of its founding to today. Believing that it would contribute to the future development of the Center beyond a mere historical archive, we decided to publish a list of education and organizational structure changes in response to demands and research results from the early times of trial and error with a small group to the Center's expansion through support from within and outside of the University. We hope that this booklet will be useful for promoting international cutting-edge research, industry-government- academia collaboration activities with a broad perspective, and for developing a unique educational system for Utsunomiya University in in partnership with related faculties and graduate schools.(from "Purpose of the book")

Editoral committe
Editor-in-chief:Miyoshi Ayama
Member:Yoshio Hayasaki,Yukitoshi Otani,Yosuke Tamada,Kota Kumagai,Tomoko Kikuchi,Mari Takeshige



※ Don't hasitate to contact core[at] if you want to downloat the 15-year history of CORE.

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