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The primary function of a university, and indeed society, is to develop excellent human resources. Utsunomiya University, within the framework of a industry-government-academia partnership, is committed to long-term education and research in the field of optical science and technology, thus contributing to the enhancement of the optical technology industry. We will also create research areas in which we can play a leading role both domestically and globally.
   To achieve this, we are establishing a center for research in optical science and technology at the campus of Utsunomiya University and will continually develop it.
   The center shall be named the Utsunomiya University Center for Optical Research and Education (CORE).
   In launching the CORE, we adopt the present Charter to ensure that its education and research activities respect the following five principles:


1. Systematic education and human resource development in optics
Ensure systematic education on the fundamentals of optics, and develop highly-qualified engineers and researchers capable of responding to social needs.

2. Formation of a center
Establish the top center of excellence in Japan for optical education and research by developing human resources specializing in optics and creating sophisticated research areas, thus contributing to Japan's world-leading optical technology industry.

3. Partnership with the private and public sectors
Promote education and research, contribute to inter-generational transfer of fundamental manufacturing techniques, and encourage the exchange of human resources, working in close partnership with both private and public entities.

4. Contribution to society
Contribute to the prosperity and well-being of people both in Japan and abroad by providing systematic education in optics and engaging in advanced research and technological development.

5. Evaluation
Perform regular evaluations of the education and research activities of the Center against the stated objective and strive to develop education and research in general.