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NEWS 2022


18th UUO Salon and 4th UU-CORE Seminar

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Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki speaks at Microsoft Research

Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki have presented about "Holography in material laser processing and volumetric display" at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, on August 1, 2022.


Miyoshi Ayama Honorary Fellow received the Best Paper Award from the Color Science Association of Japan

On June 26 2022, at the 53rd Confference of the Color Science Association of Japan held in Nagoya, Miyoshi Ayama Honorary Fellow received the Best paper award from together with Shuichi Mogi, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Masato Sakurai.


Tochigi Future Technology Forum 1st Workshop on Optical Technology was held

A workshop was held at the CORE to match the technologies of Utsunomiya University and local companies for the purpose of creating new optical technologies and products. In the first workshop, Utsunomiya University and companies exchanged thir opinions to gain a deeper understanding of each other's ideas.


Yamamoto Lab's research appears in TV drama

The latest displays developed by Yamamoto Laboratory, including a "see-through aerial display" that allows the viewer to see the other side of an image and a 3D display using a transparent board, will appear in the 5th episode of the Thursday mystery drama. It is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 12 at 20:00. Please look forward to it!